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"After many years of RVing and countless numbers of nights in various campgrounds across this great country, I have yet to see anything that resembles the Hose Buddy". However, I have witnessed everything from rocks to motorcycle tie downs being used to help secure the discharge hose 90 degree fitting into the dump receptacle. In fact, I've used similar methods myself. Which is exactly what led me to develop the Hose Buddy.

Designed to fit easily and securely over your discharge hose at the dump receptacle, the Hose Buddy can effectively prevent unwanted spills. Proper fit, combined with the down force provided by whatever you fill your Hose Buddy with, will reduce any fitting "hop" or "jiggle" caused by the discharge pressure in the hose. Rest assured. With the Hose Buddy, you'll never experience "THE SPILL".

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"What a great product, I can't wait to get mine".

Skip M
Racine, WI

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